Private Sector Discussion Paper Findings

Executive Summary

The private sector discussion paper issued in December 2015 was intended to elicit the combined experience of various industries to assist with the development of the strategic direction for the Shared and Common Services Program (the Program).

This document sets out the key themes from the private sector responses in terms of the need for investment, leadership and time to make shared services work.

Overall, respondents commented that they were very pleased to have the opportunity to engage with the Australian Public Service (APS) at an early stage. Additionally, the responses highlighted that this is a significant change exercise, with the cultural aspects being the most significant.

The volume and quality of responses received demonstrates that the private sector has taken the challenge and seriously engaged with what it can add value to the Program. Many respondents commented on the importance of considering the interaction between the Program and other initiatives.

There was a general consensus that there were significant benefits available from the engagement of the private sector in support of this Program, through access to capabilities and resources not currently available within the APS.

Private Sector Discussion Paper Findings [PDF Document 670 KB]

Private Sector Discussion Paper Findings [Word Document 119 KB]

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Last updated: 21 October 2016