Portfolio Budget Statements 2017-2018

Budget related paper No. 1.8

Portfolio Budget Statements (Full Document)

Portfolio Budget Statements 2017-2018 [PDF Document 1.37 MB]

Portfolio Budget Statements 2017-2018 [PDF Document 837 KB]

User Guide and Portfolio Overview

User Guide and Portfolio Overview [PDF Document 320 KB]
User Guide and Portfolio Overview [PDF Document 372 KB]

Entity Resources and Planned Performance

Department of Finance

Department of Finance [PDF Document 451 KB]
Department of Finance  [PDF Document 277 KB]

Australian Electoral Commission

Australian Electoral Commission [PDF Document 238 KB]
Australian Electoral Commission [PDF Document 113 KB]

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation [PDF Document 195 KB]
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation [PDF Document 108 KB]

Future Fund Management Agency

Future Fund Management Agency [PDF Document 205 KB]
Future Fund Management Agency [PDF Document 118 KB]

Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority 

Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority [PDF Document 199 KB]
Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority [PDF Document 105 KB]


Glossary [PDF Document 65 KB]
Glossary [PDF Document 58 KB]

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Last updated: 02 May 2018