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Former Parliamentarians' Certification

Former Parliamentarians (including surviving spouses of former Prime Ministers and Life Gold Pass holders) are asked to certify that their entitlements usage was in accordance with the provisions legislated for each respective entitlement. Commencing from the period January to June 2011, information regarding former Parliamentarians’ certification of their entitlements usage is published.

Period 1 July to 31 December 2011

As at 20 February 2013

Former Prime Ministers

Name 1 July to 31 December 2011
The Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH Certified
The Hon Robert Hawke AC Certified
The Hon John Howard  OM AC Certified
The Hon Paul Keating  
The Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC Certified

Life Gold Pass Holders

Name 1 July to 31 December 2011
Mr Ken Aldred Certified
The Hon Richard Alston Certified
The Hon John Anderson AO  
The Hon Neil Andrew AO Certified
The Rt Hon Doug Anthony AC CH Certified
Mr Brian Archer No Costs 
The Hon Fran Bailey  
The Hon Peter Baldwin No Costs 
Mr Michael Baume AO No Costs 
Professor the Hon Peter Baume AC Certified
HE the Hon Kim Beazley AC  
The Hon David Beddall Certified
The Hon Arch Bevis* No Costs 
The Hon Gordon Bilney Certified
The Hon Dr Neal Blewett AC Certified
The Hon Nick Bolkus Certified
The Hon Lionel Bowen AC Deceased
Mr Ray Braithwaite OAM Certified
The Hon Laurie Brereton Certified
The Hon Mal Brough No Costs 
The Hon Bob Brown AM Certified
The Hon John Brown AO No Costs 
The Hon Neil Brown QC  
Mr Maxwell Burr Certified
The Hon Alan Cadman OAM  
The Hon Paul Calvert AO  
Mr Donald Cameron AM Certified
Mr Graeme Campbell  
The Hon Ian Campbell No Costs 
The Hon Sir John Carrick KCMG AC Certified
The Hon Dr Moses Cass Certified
The Hon Frederick M Chaney AO Certified
Mr Grant Chapman Certified
Mr John Coates Certified
The Hon Barry Cohen AM Certified
Mr David Connolly AM  
Ms Helen Coonan* Certified
The Hon Peter Costello AC Certified
Mr Manfred Cross AM Certified
The Hon Dr Rosemary Crowley Certified
The Hon John Dawkins AO  
The Hon Alexander Downer Certified
Mr Peter Drummond Certified
The Hon Michael Duffy No Costs 
Dr Harold Edwards AM No Costs 
The Hon Christopher Ellison No Costs 
The Hon Keppel Enderby QC Certified
Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC Certified
The Hon Dr Douglas Everingham No Costs 
The Hon Alan Ferguson*  
The Hon Wallace Fife Certified
The Hon Tim Fischer AC Certified
Mr Peter Fisher Certified
The Hon Dr Alexander Forbes CMG MC Certified
The Hon Ross Free No Costs 
The Hon Sir Victor Garland KBE No Costs 
The Hon Arthur Gietzelt AO No Costs 
Mr Bruce Goodluck AM Certified
The Hon Alan Griffiths Certified
The Hon Dr Donald Grimes AO No Costs 
The Hon Dame Margaret Guilfoyle AC DBE No Costs 
Mr Steele Hall Certified
The Hon Gerard Hand No Costs 
The Hon Gary Hardgrave Certified
Mr Brian Harradine Certified
The Hon David Hawker AO* Certified
The Hon Bill Hayden AC No Costs 
The Hon Dr John Herron AO  
Mr Noel Hicks Certified
Professor the Hon Robert Hill AC  
The Hon Clyde Holding Deceased
Mr Colin Hollis  
Reverend the Hon Professor Brian Howe AO Certified
The Hon Ben Humphreys AM  
The Hon Christopher Hurford AO Certified
Mr Donald Jessop No Costs 
The Hon Leslie Johnson AM Certified
The Hon Dr Barry Jones AO Certified
The Hon David Jull Deceased
The Hon Ros Kelly AO No Costs 
The Hon Dr David Kemp Certified
The Hon Rod Kemp Certified
The Hon John Kerin AM Certified
The Hon Duncan Kerr SC* Certified
Ms Susan Knowles  
The Hon Michael Lee  
Mr Bruce Lloyd AM Certified
Dr David MacGibbon  
The Hon Michael MacKellar AM Certified
The Hon Ian Macphee AO Certified
The Hon Dr Stephen Martin Certified
Mr Stewart McArthur  
The Hon Douglas McClelland AC  
Mr Julian McGauran*  
The Hon Peter McGauran Certified
The Hon Jeannette McHugh No Costs 
The Hon Leo McLeay  
The Hon Bob McMullan* No Costs 
The Hon Thomas McVeigh Certified
Mr Percival Millar AM Certified
The Hon Nick Minchin* Certified
The Hon John Moore AO  
Mr Allan Morris Certified
The Hon Peter Morris Certified
The Hon William Morrison AO No Costs 
HE the Hon Dr Brendan Nelson No Costs 
The Hon Jocelyn Newman AO  
The Hon Peter Nixon AO Certified
The Hon Warwick Parer AM No Costs 
The Hon Dr Kay Patterson Certified
The Hon Dr Rex Patterson No Costs 
The Hon Andrew Peacock AC Certified
The Hon Roger Price*  
The Hon Geoffrey Prosser  
The Hon Peter Rae AO Certified
The Hon Robert Ray Certified
The Hon Margaret Reid AO  
The Hon Peter Reith  
The Hon Margaret Reynolds  
The Hon Graham Richardson  
The Hon Ian Robinson No Costs 
Mr Allan Rocher No Costs 
The Hon Susan Ryan AO Certified
Mr Rodney Sawford Certified
The Hon Chris Schacht Certified
The Hon Gordon Scholes AO No Costs 
The Hon Kerry Sibraa AO  
The Hon David Simmons OAM Certified
The Rt Hon Ian Sinclair AC Certified
The Hon Peter Staples No Costs 
The Hon Anthony Street No Costs 
The Hon Kathryn Sullivan AM  
The Hon Lindsay Tanner* No Costs 
Father the Hon Michael Tate AO Certified
Dr Baden Teague Certified
The Hon Dr Andrew Theophanous No Costs 
The Hon Robert Tickner Certified
Mr Michael Townley  
The Hon Wilson Tuckey Certified
The Hon Tom Uren AO Certified
The Hon Mark Vaile AO  
The Hon Danna Vale Certified
The Hon Amanda Vanstone  
The Hon Ian Viner AO Certified
The Hon Peter Walsh AO No Costs 
Mrs Shirley Walters No Costs 
Mr John Watson Certified
The Hon James Webster Certified
The Hon Stewart West No Costs 
The Hon Daryl Williams AM QC Certified
The Hon Ralph Willis AO Certified
The Hon Ian Wilson AM Certified
The Right Hon Reginald Withers No Costs 
The Hon Dr Michael Wooldridge  

* Expenditure incurred in the period for service as a Parliamentarian and as a Former Parliamentarian.

Severance Travellers

Name 1 July to 31 December 2011
Ms Lyn Allison No Costs 
Mr Guy Barnett* Certified
Mr Andrew Bartlett Certified
Mr George Campbell Certified
Ms Annette Ellis* Certified
The Hon Pat Farmer* No Costs 
Mr Steven Fielding* Certified
Mr Michael Forshaw* Certified
Ms Jennie George No Costs 
Mr Petro Georgiou* Certified
Mrs Kay Hull* Certified
Ms Annette Hurley* Certified
Mr Steve Hutchins* Certified
Mrs Julia Irwin* Certified
Mr Michael Johnson  
The Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence  
Mr Ross Lightfoot  
The Hon Peter Lindsay* Certified
The Hon Sandy Macdonald Certified
Mrs Margaret May Certified
Mr Andrew Murray No Costs 
Mr Kerry O'Brien* Certified
Mr Gavan O'Connor  
The Hon Chris Pearce* No Costs 
Mr Harry Quick Certified
Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM  
The Hon Judith Troeth AM* Certified
Dr Russell Trood* Certified
Mr Barry Wakelin OAM Certified
Mr Jason Wood* Certified
Ms Dana Wortley* Certified

* Expenditure incurred in the period for service as a Parliamentarian and as a Former Parliamentarian.

Surviving Spouses or De Facto Partners of Former Prime Ministers

Name 1 July to 31 December 2011
Lady Nancy Gorton Certified

Surviving Spouses or De Facto Partners ofLife Gold Pass Holders

Name 1 July to 31 December 2011
Mrs Jill Barnard No Costs
Lady Mary Downer Certified
Mrs Patricia Falkinder No Costs
Mrs Patricia Fitzgerald No Costs
Ms Margaret Healy Certified
Mrs Judy Holding No Costs
Mrs Miriam Hunt Certified
Mrs Elizabeth Osborne No Costs
Mrs Eileen Roberton No Costs

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