Former Parliamentarians' Certification - Period 1 January to 30 June 2015

Former Parliamentarians (including surviving spouses of former Prime Ministers and Life Gold Pass holders) are asked to certify that their entitlements usage was in accordance with the provisions legislated for each respective entitlement. Commencing from the period January to June 2011, information regarding former Parliamentarians’ certification of their entitlements usage is published.

As at 2 December 2015

Former Prime Ministers

The Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH Not Applicable
The Hon Julia Gillard* Certified
The Hon Robert Hawke AC Certified
The Hon John Howard OM AC Certified
The Hon Paul Keating  
The Hon Kevin Rudd Certified

*Parliamentarian and Former Parliamentarian details in the period.

Life Gold Pass Holders

The Hon Dick Adams* No Costs
The Hon Fran Bailey Certified
The Hon Ronald Boswell No Costs
The Hon Helen Coonan No Costs
The Hon Simon Crean*  
The Hon Dr Craig Emerson Certified
The Hon Chris Evans  
The Hon John Faulkner* No Costs
The Hon Alan Ferguson  
The Hon Martin Ferguson AM No Costs
Mr John Forrest*  
Mr Bruce Goodluck AM Certified
The Hon David Hawker AO Certified
The Hon John Hogg No Costs
Mr Harry Jenkins No Costs
The Hon Justice Duncan Kerr CHEV LH No Costs
The Hon Kate Lundy* Certified
The Hon Robert McClelland No Costs
The Hon Bob McMullan No Costs
Mr Daryl Melham No Costs
The Hon Nick Minchin No Costs
The Hon Judi Moylan No Costs
Mr Paul Neville No Costs
The Hon Nicola Roxon* Certified
The Hon Nick Sherry No Costs
The Hon Peter Slipper Certified
The Hon Stephen Smith  
The Hon Alexander Somlyay*  
The Hon Lindsay Tanner No Costs
The Hon Wilson Tuckey No Costs
The Hon Danna Vale No Costs
The Hon Peter Walsh AO Not Applicable

*Parliamentarian and Former Parliamentarian details in the period.

Severance and Post Retirement Travellers

Mr Michael Forshaw Certified
Mr Petro Georgiou AO No Costs
Mr Steve Hutchins  
Mr Kerry O'Brien No Costs
The Hon Brett Mason*  
The Hon Judith Troeth AM No Costs

*Parliamentarian and Former Parliamentarian details in the period.

Surviving Spouses or De Facto Partners of Former Prime Ministers

Mrs Tamara Fraser Certified
Lady Nancy Gorton Certified

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