Training Provided by Political Party Secretariats

Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis to Political Party Secretariats and Independent Senators and Members (not affiliated with a major party), for training in areas such as communications, office management, constituent management, electorate business and media management.  During 2010-11 the maximum reimbursement available for each Political Party Secretariat and Independent Senator or Member was $1,000 (GST exclusive) per Senator or Member.  The maximum reimbursement available is reduced on a pro-rata basis where a Senator or Member’s term commences part-way through a financial year.

Table 41: Reimbursements claimed by Political Party Secretariat/ Independent Senator or Member

Political Party Secretariat / Independent Senator or Member Maximum reimbursement available 2009-10 Claims reimbursed in 2010-11 for expenditure incurred in 2009-10 Maximum funding for reimbursement available 2010-1120, 21
GST status GST exclusive GST exclusive Actual reimbursement (GST inclusive) GST exclusive
Australian Labor Party $115,000 $105,805 $116,34 $105,540
Liberal Party of Australia $87,000 $87,000 $95,700 $92,020
The Nationals $14,000 - - $15,720
The Australian Greens $5,000 - - $5,860
Senator Steve Fielding, Senator for Victoria $1,000 - - $1,000
The Hon Bob Katter MP, Member for Kennedy $1,000 - - $1,000
Mr Robert Oakeshott MP, Member for Lyne $1,000 - - $1,000
Mr Tony Windsor MP, Member for New England $1,000 - -  
Senator Nick Xenophon, Senator for South Australia $1,000 - -  


20 Claims for reimbursement of expenditure incurred in 2010-11 will be reported in the 2011-12 MOP(S) Act Annual Report.

21 Some figures in this column are not in multiples of $1,000 due to the maximum amount of reimbursement being pro-rated for those Senators and Members whose term commenced part way through the financial year, following the 2010 federal election.

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