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Delivering Australian Government Services: Access and Distribution Strategy

Australian Government Service Delivery Framework

The Australian Government Service Delivery Framework (AGSDF) provides a whole of government roadmap to assist agencies to recognise and exploit the opportunities available for innovative and collaborative service delivery.

Collaboration between government agencies relies on individual agencies recognising the value that can be realised from working with other agencies to fulfil a customer need or whole of government requirement. Seamless service delivery requires agencies to engage in joint planning and creative solution-building and is based on mutual benefit to customers, to agencies and to government as a whole.

The AGSDF promotes three distinct phases in service delivery:

Australian Government Service Delivery Framework

The three phases of service delivery are depicted in more detail in Figure 3 below.

Australian Government Service Delivery Framework, Detailed View

The Australian Government vision for multi-channel, multi-agency service delivery does not challenge existing agency operations. Clearly, agencies have existing approaches to understanding and managing their specific customer requirements, business drivers, costs and desired outcomes. The AGSDF, outlined diagrammatically above, is not intended to replace these, but rather to promote a strategic approach that enables agencies to capitalise on the capabilities of other agencies and ensure their own readiness to collaborate with other agencies to deliver services.

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Last Modified: 3 April, 2008