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Chapter title - Financial Statments
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Chapter Title - Financial Statements
The Financial Statements can be downloaded as either a Portable Document Format (PDF) file or as a Word document.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print PDF files. Click on the icon below and follow the instructions online to download the Reader for free. This link is provided for your convenience and does not constitute endorsement of the product.

Acrobat Icon Image

List of Financial Statements and Notes

Acrobat Icon Statement by the Secretary and Chief Financial Officer (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Agency Operating Statement (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Statement of Administered Revenues and Expenses (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Agency Balance Sheet (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Statement of Administered Assets and Liabilities (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Statement of Cash Flows (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Administered Cash Flows (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Schedule of Commitments (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Schedule of Contingencies (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Complete set of Financial Statements and Notes (pdf)

List of Notes

Acrobat Icon Note 1 - Objectives of Department of Finance and Administration (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 2 - Summary of significant accounting policies (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 3 - Revenues (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 4 - Expenses (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 5 - Grants - administered (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 6 - Interest and other financing costs (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 7 - Transfers to and from agencies (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 8 - Extraordinary items (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 9 - Business operations (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 10 - Financial assets (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 11 - Non-financial assets (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 12 - Debt (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 13 - Provisions and payables (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 14 - Equity (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 15 - Reconciliation of cash flow (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 16 - Executive remuneration (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 17 - Services provided by the Auditor-General (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 18 - Act of Grace payments and waivers - administered (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 19 - Appropriations (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 20 - Special accounts (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 21 - Reporting by outcomes (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 22 - Financial instruments (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 23 - Remote contingencies (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 24 - Post balance date events (pdf)

Acrobat Icon Note 25 - Comcover insurance activities (pdf)

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