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  Chapter Title - Secreta
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Success in Recruitment
DOFA aims to be an employer of choice by offering a range of challenging career options within a flexible working environment. Over half of DOFA’s staff have elected to take up Australian Workplace Agreements, which has enabled working arrangements to be tailored to individual needs. As an indication of DOFA’s position as a workplace of choice, advertised vacancies consistently attracted a range of high calibre applicants.

DOFA’s continued commitment to diversity in the workplace is demonstrated by active initiatives for staff. Through providing competitive remuneration arrangements, encouraging a flexible workplace environment and supporting initiatives to improve and maintain a good work and home life balance, we continued to build a high performance team.

Performance Management
DOFA’s performance management system introduced in 1997 remains an integral part of our vision of becoming a high performance organisation. Performance agreements for each staff member outline the outputs each person will deliver and their development needs. These agreements result in every staff member taking an active role in DOFA’s corporate performance. Since performance agreements were introduced, each year the average rating for employees throughout DOFA has improved.

Work and Home Life Balance
DOFA continued its active Work and Home Life Balance Programme, recognising the organisational importance of a well balanced and healthy workforce. Initiatives under this programme include health assessments, provision of a carer’s room, various activities involving families and flexible working arrangements. We are considering other important initiatives so we continue to build on the good results of the current programme.

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