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  Chapter Title - Secreta
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  Spacer Image Implementing a Business Like Approach > Developing Partnerships > Fostering High Performance & Flexibility
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Strategic Alliance Project
In April 1999, the Government announced it would establish a strategic alliance with the private sector to manage the non-Defence property portfolio. During 1999-2000, DOFA ran a comprehensive tendering process for a strategic alliance partner. Following this process, in July 2000, we selected PricewaterhouseCoopers Process Solutions Pty Ltd, and expect to hand over the property management by March 2001. The alliance will allow access to international best practice and improve rates of return, while maintaining the value of the portfolio. For these reasons, we anticipate savings of around $74 million in the first five year term.

Working with Defence
Following agreement between the Ministers for Defence and Finance and Administration, a small team of DOFA officials worked with the Department of Defence in the lead up to the 2000-01 Budget to assist Defence in identifying efficiencies and improvements in their financial management. The review was highly successful, and is an excellent example of the way DOFA works collaboratively with other agencies to improve performance. This collaborative approach is one that we intend to expand to other portfolios over the coming year, particularly with output pricing reviews.

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