Chapter 5: Improved and More Efficient Government Operations

Improved and More Efficient Government Operations

This chapter highlights some of Finance’s achievements in contributing to the outcome of improved and more efficient government operations. Finance contributes to the outcome by providing shareholder oversight advice in relation to Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), managing major asset sales, and developing and advising on procurement policy. Finance manages the Australian Government’s Central Advertising System and motor vehicle fleet arrangements as well as the government's domestic non-Defence property portfolio and major construction projects. Finance also provides insurance services (through Comcover), promotes a risk management culture across the Australian Government and administers special claims pursuant to sections 33 and 34 of the FMA Act.

Finance met the majority of the performance targets for this outcome set out in the 2008-09 Portfolio Budget Statements. In particular, Ministers indicated continued satisfaction with the quality and relevance of Finance’s advice, and other stakeholders indicated high levels of satisfaction with the information and services provided by Finance. The department helped to establish the National Broadband Network (NBN) company and completed the construction of the National Portrait Gallery on-time and within budget. Finance also developed a new campaign advertising framework and undertook a number of scoping studies to support coordinated procurement contracting.

Some targets were not achieved or were only partially achieved. In particular, some major projects experienced delays and the target rate of return for the domestic non-Defence property portfolio was not achieved because of the reduction in the value of the portfolio due to the global financial crisis. For details of Finance’s performance in support of this outcome see the performance information (Table 4) and the resource statement (Table 5).

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