Chapter 4: Sustainable Government Finances

The Department of Finance and Administration (Finance) contributes to sustainable government finances through a range of activities across three business groups as described in the Departmental and Portfolio Overview chapter of this report. In 2005-06 the department's work in support of the achievement of Outcome 1 included supporting the government in the preparation, delivery and ongoing management of the expenditure and non-taxation revenue components of the Australian Government Budget. Finance also provided advice on whole-of-government budgetary, financial and expenditure policy issues and on expenditure priorities, maintained the accounting and budget estimates system, and provided whole-of-government financial reporting. In addition, Finance advised on the Australian Government's budgetary and financial framework, procurement policies, governance frameworks and superannuation arrangements for members of parliament and Australian Government civilian employees. Finally, Finance helped establish the Future Fund, performed an advisory and monitoring role in relation to the Fund, and undertook evaluations and audits of Australian Government Indigenous-specific programmes. Budget Group, Financial Management Group and Asset Management Group are the main contributors to Outcome 1.

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