Chapter 2: Departmental and Portfolio Overview

Finance and Administration Portfolio

The Finance and Administration Portfolio is comprised of two departments of state—the Department of Finance and Administration (Finance) and the Department of Human Services. The principal responsibilities that fall within the purview of the Finance were described in the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO) of 16 December 2004 and comprise:

  • budget policy advice and process, and review of governmental programmes;
  • government financial accountability, governance and financial management frameworks, including procurement policy and services;
  • shareholder advice on Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) and commercial entities treated as GBEs;
  • general policy guidelines for Commonwealth statutory authorities;
  • superannuation related to former and current members of parliament and Australian Government employees;
  • asset sales;
  • strategic property management in Australia, including construction, acquisition, ownership and disposal of real property;
  • electoral matters;
  • administration of parliamentarians’ entitlements;
  • administration of the Australian Government’s self-managed general insurance fund (Comcover);
  • government online delivery and information technology and communications management; and
  • evaluation and audit of Indigenous programmes and operations.

The AAO issued on 16 December 2004 was amended on 21 July 2005 and 27 January 2006, with no changes to Finance’s principal responsibilities. A diagrammatic representation of the Finance and Administration Portfolio is at Figure A (page 9).

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