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Purchasing Policy

The Department of Finance and Administration (Finance) adheres to the principles of the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines & Best Practice Guidance (CPGs) when considering and undertaking procurement. The CPGs are applied to Finance's activities through the Chief Executive's Instructions (CEIs) and supporting departmental guidelines.

The Internal Audit Unit conducts probity reviews of those Finance contracting arrangements that are high risk or over $100,000 to ensure compliance with the guidelines. During 2003–04, the Internal Audit Unit conducted 108 probity reviews to ensure that final purchasing outcomes were in accordance with the CEIs, CPGs and departmental probity and procurement guidelines.

The Secretary did not issue any exemptions from the required publication of any contract or standing offer in the Purchasing and Disposal Gazette during 2003–04. Exemptions can be issued on the grounds that publication would disclose matters that might be normally exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

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