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Chapter 7: Human Resource Management

During 2003–04, the Department of Finance and Administration (Finance) made significant progress in developing a new human resource (HR) policy framework that will provide much greater clarity and guidance to managers and employees on HR issues, and help ensure that all HR polices and practices in Finance are appropriately aligned with broad policy and practice in the Australian Public Service (APS). The new framework addresses issues such as remuneration, performance management, employee development, dispute resolution, employee separation and workplace diversity. It also seeks to enhance practices in relation to recruitment and retention.

Finance has six Valued Behaviours to guide the way in which Finance employees do their jobs. The values were formally introduced by the Secretary and all members of Executive Board "signing on" to the values at one of Finance's regular "Staff Forums" on 1 July 2003. Under the values a Finance employee is expected to:

  • nurture productive working relationships;
  • communicate effectively;
  • achieve results and demonstrate creativity;
  • exhibit both personal drive and integrity;
  • display an ability to learn; and
  • demonstrate relevant skills and expertise.

The Finance Valued Behaviours are an extension of, and closely aligned with, the APS Values and Code of Conduct. They define the way we work in Finance and they are the basis for the recruitment and performance management processes. The Finance Valued Behaviours are the key criteria in selection, performance assessment, employee development and promotion for all levels of employees.

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