In September 2001, Finance established an Occupational Health and Safety Committee to focus on the strategic importance of safety and health in the workplace. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of safety guidelines for the Department, monitoring the development of safe work practices and related training for staff.

It distributes and promotes relevant information to Finance staff, and also examines issues and makes recommendations to Management Board on work and home life balance matters.

The Committee comprises a General Manager, two management representatives and a staff representative nominated from each Business Group. An external specialist adviser

also supports the Committee (but is not a member). To date, the Committee has ratified its terms of reference and has endorsed several health and well-being programmes such as the 2002 influenza vaccination programme and the delivery of an ACT Cancer Society Quit Smoking Programme for Finance staff. It is also tackling the issue of car park safety in the Parkes precinct where the Department's offices are located.