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Department of Finance and Administration Annual Report 2001-2002
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Outcome 2—Improved and More Efficient Government Operations

Asset Management

Project Management

Shareholder Advice
 Public Sector Financial Management

Business Services

Table 5: Revised Performance Indicators for Outcome 2

Table 6: Performance Information for Outcome 2
- Effectiveness—Overall Achievement of Outcome 2
- Output 2.1.1—Asset Sales
- Output 2.1.2— Project Management
- Output 2.1.3—GBE Monitoring and Advice
- Output 2.2.2—Public Sector Superannuation Advice
- Output 2.3.1—Property Management
- Output 2.3.2—Insurance of Commonwealth Operations

Table 7: Resources for Outcome 2

Chapter 4
Improved & More Efficient Government Operations

Outcome 2—Improved and More Efficient Government Operations

Two Groups contribute directly to Finance's Outcome 2 including improved and more efficient government operations: Asset Management Group and Business Services Group. Outcome 2 is focussed on continuous improvement to government operations through the delivery of three key outputs involving:

  • asset management;
  • the financial framework; and
  • business services.

Structural Reorganisation

The 2001–02 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) listed four output groups under Outcome 2: property management, financial framework, business services and access to government information. Chapter 2 provides details of the departmental reorganisations that occurred during 2001–02, including following the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO) changes, which impacted on the Groups supporting Outcome 2.

In September 2001, the e-Solutions Group in Outcome 2 was abolished and its functions relating to information technology support were moved to the Financial Management Group which was renamed Financial and e-Solutions Group. Functions relating to access to government information were moved to the Business Services Group and responsibility for the Department's knowledge management was transferred to Corporate Group. Access to government information was subsequently transferred under the AAO changes to the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Property Group, under Outcome 2, was abolished following the transfer of the overseas property portfolio to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The functions relating to domestic property management remained with the Department and, along with the financial frameworks area, were placed into the Business Services Group.

The machinery of government changes in November 2001 also included the abolition of the Office of Asset Sales and Commercial Support (OASACS) and the absorption by Finance of its functions. As indicated in Chapter 2, a new Business Group, Asset Management Group, was established. This Group incorporated the functions of OASACS and those from the Business Services Group relating to shareholder and oversight responsibilities for Government Business Enterprises and the management of residual issues from the sale or divestment of former government business units. Asset Management Group became output group 2.1.

Following the AAO and machinery of government changes, the Business Services Group was restructured and remaining output groups were renumbered to take account of the transferred functions and revised responsibilities.

The revised outputs structure for Outcome 2 comprises: asset management (output group 2.1); financial framework (output group 2.2); and business services (output group 2.3). A map of the changes from the former to the revised outputs structure of Outcome 2 is at Figure 5.

Performance Summary

Changes were made to a number of performance targets as a consequence of the AAO and machinery of government changes. Details are at Table 5. Performance reporting for Outcome 2 is against the performance targets set out in the 2001–02 PBS for both Finance and OASACS, with revised targets as noted above.

Finance met or exceeded the majority of its performance targets for Outcome 2. The Department, and the former OASACS, delivered, on time, the Government's asset sales programme with the sale of three major assets: Sydney Airports Corporation Limited, Essendon Airport Limited and the National Rail Corporation.

An assessment of Finance's performance against the Outcome 2 performance targets is at Table 6. Financial and staffing resources information is at Table 7.

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