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Australia's Coat of Arms topDepartment of Finance and Administration Annual Report 2001-2002
Department of Finance and Administration Annual Report 2001-2002
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Outcome 1—Sustainable Government Finances

Performance Summary

Finance and the Federal Election

The Commonwealth Budget
 Budget Group Restructure

The Budget Estimates and Advice Framework

Financial Reporting

Private Financing Principles

Review of Accrual Budget Documentation
 Assistance to East Timor
Table 3: Performance Information for Outcome 1
- Effectiveness—Overall Achievement of Outcome 1
- Output 1.1.1: Whole-of-Government Financial and Ownership Advice
- Output 1.1.2: Outcome and Outputs Advice
- Output 1.1.3: Commonwealth Budget Coordination

Table 4: Resources for Outcome 1


Chapter 3
Sustainable Government Finaances

Budget Group Restructure

During December and January, Budget Group was restructured to improve its capacity to provide advice on whole-of-government expenditure priorities and resourcing requirements.

The restructure focussed on the need for additional capacity and the development of better working relationships between other Commonwealth departments and Finance's Agency Advice Units. The changes will help Budget Group increase its understanding of the programmes administered by other portfolios, and should improve Finance's ability to provide the Government with sound and independent financial advice on whole-of-government expenditure priorities.

A key element of the restructure has been the creation of a single point of contact for departments on all budget related issues. The response of departments to the revised structure has been positive and it has improved Finance's ability to undertake budget development tasks within a reduced timeframe.

With effect on 1 July 2002, the outputs structure of Outcome 1 is to be condensed from three to two outputs to better reflect the revised structure and responsibilities of the Group.

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