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Chapter Title - Outcome 2 - Improved and More Efficient Government Operations
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Chapter contents | Performance Information for Outcome 2 - Output 2.3.1—Access to Government Information < Resources for Outcome 2 - Improved and More Efficient Government Operations > Chapter 5
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Resources for Outcome 2 - Improved and More Efficient Government Operations

  1. Due to the change to Finance's output structure in 2001–02 these figures have been recast in terms of the output structure for 2000–01.

  2. The reallocations between the components of Outcome 2 reflect a redistribution of resources which have been directed to those areas identified as priorities.

  3. Revenue from Government—the increase in this item is attributable to additional appropriation revenue of $10 million received at Additional Estimates to fund the sales program of Defence properties and $2.4 million for the Sugar Industry Assistance Package. In addition a revision to the accounting treatments for Resources Received Free of Charge and Appropriations Received in Advance also contributes to the increase ($15.5 million and $10.5 million respectively). These increases have been offset by a reduction in appropriation at Additional Estimates of $5.8 million for functions transferred to DFAT and OASITO as well as a revision to allocated overheads across outputs, with the main impact on Outcomes 1 and 3.

  4. Revenue from Other Sources has increased as a result of the recognition of proceeds from asset disposals of $140.7 million as well as reversal of a revaluation decrement of $51.3 million.
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