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Chapter Title - Outcome 2 - Improved and More Efficient Government Operations
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Chapter contents | Performance Information for Outcome 2 - Output 2.1.1—Financial Legislation and Regulation < Performance Information for Outcome 2 - Outcome 2.1.2—Public Sector Superannuation Advice> Performance Information for Outcome 2 - Outcome 2.1.3—Management of Discretionary Payments
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Outcome 2.1.2—Public Sector Superannuation Advice

Target Result
Difference between estimated employer contributions and benefit payments and final outcome is within Budget management requirements (see Output 1.1.5).

Not met—Difference of -8.69 per cent against a target of +/-0.5 per cent. This indicator reflects all Outcome 2 benefit payments (net of amounts received from the fund) less employer contributions. Variance is largely due to less than expected benefit payments.

Superannuation arrangements that are simple, flexible, contestable and support accountability and transparency as assessed by feedback from customers/stakeholders:

  • 90 per cent of Ministerial briefs/advice rated better than average or excellent in quality or timeliness.

Surpassed—98 per cent of Ministerial briefs/advice were rated better than average or excellent.

  • 90 per cent of Ministerial letters with a turnaround within seven days.

Not met—82 per cent of Ministerial letters were turned around within seven days. Turnaround delays were due to the complex nature of and the number of Ministerials.

  • Survey of stakeholders.

Achieved—Feedback from stakeholders has been obtained on an ongoing basis.

  • Quarterly reconciliation of agency employer superannuation contribution payments completed within one month of end of relevant quarter.

Not met—First and Third quarters on target. Second quarter completed but outside target. Second quarter target unable to be met as a result of all necessary data not being available on time.

Target Result
Unfunded superannuation liabilities updated and reported annually.

Achieved—Unfunded liabilities are reported in the Budget, the Department's Financial Statements and the Final Budget Outcome Report. Updated liabilities were reported in the September Final Budget Outcome, the May Budget and reported in the 30 June 2001 Financial Statements.

Agency employer superannuation contribution rates fully reviewed within a three-year cycle commencing 1 July 1998.

Achieved—Fully reviewed by 30 June 2001, and agency assessments complete.

The numbers of the following are variable and demand driven, and will be reported on an annual basis:

  • Bills drafted and legislative instruments promulgated Ministerials and briefs advice and seminars provided to agencies.

Four Bills drafted against an estimate of two.
17 legislative instruments against an estimate of 22.
221 Ministerials provided against a target of 200.
76 briefs provided against a target of 60.
135 pieces of advice provided against a target of 90.

The number of agencies seeking advice exceeded expectations.

Seminars were not required as new superannuation arrangements were not put in place in 2000–01.

95 per cent of payments for actuarial services recovered from agencies by 30 June. Surpassed—100 per cent received by 31 March 2001.

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