Finance at a glance 2016–17

Purpose 1

Budget and financial advice, management and reporting—support the government to deliver its fiscal targets and policy objectives


Key achievements


  • Supported the delivery of the 2016–17 MYEFO and 2017–18 Budget, including by providing advice to the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet on spending and savings proposals.
  • Prepared budget documentation detailing how the government intends to allocate $464.3 billion in 2017–18.
  • Provided advice on major reforms, including the schools funding package, housing affordability measures, working age payment reforms and investment in infrastructure, regional Australia and energy security.
  • Provided advice on significant infrastructure investments including $5.3 billion to build Western Sydney Airport and $8.4 billion to deliver the Melbourne to Brisbane inland rail project.
  • Provided advice on the establishment of a Regional Growth Fund, which will provide funding of $472.2 million with the aim of creating jobs, driving economic growth and building stronger regional communities.


Key achievements


  • Led the allocation of the $500 million Public Service Modernisation Fund to enhance productivity and innovation in the Commonwealth public sector
  • Undertook a two-stage market testing process to optimise private sector involvement in delivering and financing the inland freight rail network.
  • Worked with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to advise government on options for the construction of Western Sydney Airport.
  • Streamlined the administration of government grants including establishing two centres of excellence and GrantConnect—a website which provides a single point of discovery for all government grants.

Purpose 2:

Governance—foster leading public sector practice



Purpose 3:

Transformation—innovate and improve public sector operations and reform the management and operations of public assets


Key achievements


  • Realised $5 billion savings through the ‘Efficiency through Contestability Program’ which aims to ensure government administration is as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Worked with the Department of Defence to establish Australian Naval Infrastructure—a Commonwealth-owned shipbuilding facility
  • Managed the sale of 92 properties under the government’s surplus property divestment program returning about $36 million in gross proceeds to consolidated revenue.
  • Signed up 57 agencies to govCMS–Finance’s content management and website hosting service which gives agencies the tools to build, migrate and manage websites. govCMS now has 155 live websites.


Key achievements


  • Supported the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the negotiation of Australia’s bid to join the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement.
  • Provided support following the 2016 federal election including establishing offices and conducting briefings for 53 new senators and members.
  • Provided COMCAR services for 44 ‘guests of government’ and other important visitors including the kings and queens of the Netherlands and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the prime ministers of Singapore and Israel.
  • Delivered a risk management education program to 2,117 Commonwealth employees from more than 70 entities contributing to the development of a positive risk culture throughout the public sector.

Purpose 4:

Services—manage efficient, cost-effective services to, and for, the government



Last updated: 07 November 2017