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Services—manage efficient, cost-effective services to, and for, the government (relates to Outcomes 2 and 3)


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govCMS is an open source web content management and hosting service developed to help agencies create modern, affordable and responsive websites and to make it easier to collaborate and innovate. govCMS helps reduce the technology and compliance burden on government agencies while providing a more cost-effective web content management and hosting option.

Before govCMS, many agencies were locked into expensive, proprietary software—all trying to solve the same problems, battling to achieve compliance and keep up with increasingly sophisticated security and technical requirements.

Adoption by agencies in the service’s first full year of operation has exceeded all expectations, reflecting the trust established in govCMS. The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet used govCMS to deliver the state budget on, and one of the most visited sites in the federal government,, also adopted the service.

Agencies using govCMS are part of a thriving community that is supported to create functionality once and share with others, which eliminates duplication of cost, time and effort.

One tool, which enables sites to use information from open data portals and picture the data on their websites, was co-developed by a federal and a state agency and has been shared across the community. Another, which allows the public to participate in both formal and informal policy consultation, has also been shared.

The success of govCMS shows the value in starting with customer requirements. Agencies were engaged early and involved in the design of the service and implementation was based on the most pressing customer needs.

govCMS shows you don’t have to mandate the service—just make it compelling.

The work in 2015–16 culminated in govCMS being recognised as a positive example of innovation, winning the Contributing to a Culture of Practice of Innovation category at the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s 2016 Public Sector Innovation Awards.

govCMS team receiving their award.


Last updated: 02 February 2017