Finance transformation program

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1,300 staff
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Finance transformation program


The department has been engaged in a transformation journey, demonstrating new and innovative approaches to working and realising efficiencies.

Under a new operating model, work is being prioritised and resources are being allocated to priorities. The department as a whole is working more flexibly in a contemporary workplace that facilitates collaboration with a modern electronic working environment.

A People and Projects Office was established on 1 October 2015 to mobilise people, build project management capability and ensure project outcomes are realised.

Identifying capabilities provides our staff with the opportunity to build their core and professional competencies.

The new operating model allows the department to ensure the right people are working on the right things at the right time, in line with government priorities.

‘Moving between projects keeps it fresh—you need that new challenge from time to time. People get really attached to their work; we need to realise we don’t own the work, we need to go where the priorities are,’ one staff member said.

The ‘build, test, refine’ process has become instrumental to the department’s adaptive approach to transformation. The department is developing a series of case studies to communicate the lessons learned with the broader public service.

Reforming the business model and modernising tools and systems to maximise the value provided to the government of the day ensures the department is an exemplar across government and a great place to work.


Last updated: 24 October 2016