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Budget and financial advice, management and reporting—support the government to deliver its fiscal targets and policy objectives (relates to Outcome 1)


Surging to deliver
the 2016-17 budget

Surging to deliver the 2016–17 Budget


Reflecting Finance’s new way of operating, a surge readiness management model was developed building short-term teams to ‘surge’ towards work priorities as they arise. In 2015–16 this included assisting with the peak of activity associated with the 2016–17 Budget.

Over 40 staff undertook targeted budget training, and 15 staff mobilised in February 2016 to work in Budget and Financial Reporting as part of the budget surge response team. Their work included costing new policy proposals, preparing green briefs, drafting measure descriptions and processing adjustments in the Central Budget Management System. A second surge team of five staff was activated in a rapid response to a request for assistance to quality-assure and proofread the budget supply bills.

Staff in Budget and Financial Reporting found the contribution of the surge response team to be extremely valuable.

'We really appreciated the surge response team offering their services to help better manage the workload across the group during this peak period—it made a real difference. It was also an opportunity for us to see some different ideas from different areas of the department and have a fresh look at the process.'

The surge response team also found the experience to be beneficial.

‘It was a good opportunity to develop my skills and learn something new that could benefit me in any role across the department. I also met new people and established some networks. I would definitely recommend it.’

This was a great example of staff mobility in action with successful outcomes for all involved. The department will continue to refine the implementation of the surge readiness management model to build on our capacity to flexibly deploy staff and resources to deliver the government’s


Last updated: 24 October 2016