Digital Records Transformation Initiative

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The Digital Records Transformation Initiative is a three-year initiative and is part of the Government’s commitment to modernise the public sector.


In 2016, the Department of Finance was tasked by the then Secretaries Committee on Transformation to lead a feasibility study to examine the business, technical and financial costs and benefits of a whole-of-Australian-Government digital records management solution.

Findings of the study found that the Australian Public Service (APS) is failing to take advantage of modern techniques for digital recordkeeping. This led to a successful Modernisation Fund proposal for an innovative approach to recordkeeping. With the funding secured, the Initiative is exploring non-traditional records management technologies.

Finance also engaged the records management industry in January 2016 and September 2017 to understand innovations in the profession. These two engagement exercises have assisted the industry to understand what Government is seeking, while informing Government of industry capabilities.

As a result, Finance undertook activities that explored the automation of common records management tasks through the application of semantic technologies and machine learning.

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Digital Records Transformation Initiative Outcomes

The four key outcomes of the Digital Records Transformation Initiative are to:

  • make effective use of the smart technology that has emerged, but not yet been incorporated, into records management practices;
  • improve productivity through the use of automation;
  • increase the re-use of information assets across Government; and
  • increase compliance with regulations for the management of Australian Government records.

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Last updated: 21 August 2019