Digital Records Transformation Initiative - Updates

Digital Records Investment Alignment Process

The Digital Records Investment Alignment has been updated. More information is available here.

Digital Records Transformation Proposed Approach to Market

The Department of Finance (Finance) intends to establish an appropriate Whole-of-Government arrangement for entities to procure technology that supports modernised records management capabilities, bringing entities closer to the goal of using smart technology to automate the management of government records, that meets the needs of government business.

In an Industry Update (July 2018), and a subsequent Commonwealth entity update (August 2018), Finance presented early details of a planned Approach to Market for the Digital Records Transformation Initiative (the Initiative).

Following verbal feedback from these updates, the Initiative has been in a discovery phase to determine the best Approach to Market process to take, and to ensure that the most appropriate products are available to all Government entities. Subject matter experts within Government were engaged to determine:

  • the best sourcing mechanism for records management solutions;
  • initial requirements for industry engagement; and
  • a Statement of Requirements that will establish a whole of government arrangement for provisioning records management technology.

As a result of this engagement, the Digital Records Transformation Initiative – Sourcing Strategy Discussion Paper has been released for comment. The Discussion Paper is not a formal approach to market, instead, Finance is seeking the views of the private sector and Commonwealth entities to determine the most effective and efficient way to source modernised digital records solutions. In particular, Finance is seeking feedback on:

  1. the use of a co-design approach with industry and entities to determine the most appropriate sourcing arrangements and a statement of requirements; and
  2. whether the capability maturity approach is a useful way to pursue modernisation of Australian Government records management.

Thank you to those who have responded to the Discussion Paper, to date we have received 29 responses from various stakeholders. Finance will publish findings shortly.

Comments are now closed.

Australian Government Records Interoperability Framework (AGRIF)

The AGRIF is a system of related semantic ontologies that describe the structure, functions, and activities of the Australian Government, providing sufficient context for the effective use – including but not limited to management – of Australian Government information assets. It complies with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Ontology Language (OWL2) Recommendation and makes reference to other Recommendations and existing domain ontologies for archival and preservation processes.

Members of our team recently presented on the AGRIF, semantics and syntax, at two conferences aimed at records and information management professionals and archivists:

  • Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia inForum (September 2018); and
  • Australian Society of Archivists 2018 Conference (September 2018).

The Initiative is currently developing the AGRIF - an information model (or 'ontology') that describes the structure and functions of the Australian Government, and changes to these structures and functions that occur over time. The purpose of the AGRIF is to aid in the discoverability and useability of government information.

For further information, please contact:

Last updated: 04 December 2018