Domestic Property Portfolio

The Australian Government's non-Defence domestic property portfolio consists of four main categories of property:

  • Office properties;
  • Special purpose properties;
  • Mixed used properties;
  • Residential properties; and
  • Other ‘miscellaneous' properties.

Office Properties

The core of the Office Estate consists of seven heritage office buildings:

  • six in Canberra's Parliamentary Triangle:
    • John Gorton Building;
    • Treasury Building;
    • East Block;
    • West Block;
    • ANZAC Park East;
    • ANZAC Park West; and
  • 4 Treasury Place, Melbourne, which was built in 1912 to accommodate the new Federal administration prior to the creation of Canberra as the national capital.

Special Purpose Properties

These properties provide non-office accommodation for specific government programs with specialised requirements, such as the Commonwealth Law Courts.

Residential Properties

The Department of Finance is responsible for a small number of tenanted cottages that are the remnants of an extensive residential portfolio acquired around World War II. Tenancy arrangements for the elderly occupants reflect subsidised public housing provided by the State Governments. The cottage portfolio is being progressively divested as opportunities arise.

Albury-Wodonga Properties

The Department of Finance is responsible for property management and divestment of properties previously owned by Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation.  The Albury-Wodonga portfolio comprises of residential, rural and commercial/industrial blocks. The Department will continue existing joint-venture activities with Albury City Council (Airside North Industrial Estate) and Wodonga City Council (Baranduda Enterprise Park). See Albury-Wodonga Properties for further information.

Other Properties

This category consists of properties with unique features, such as particular environment and heritage values, which are owned and managed by the Australian Government for public purposes.

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Last updated: 09 June 2016