Overview of the Australian Government Travel Arrangements

Outline of the Travel Arrangements

The Whole of Australian-Government (WoAG) Travel Arrangements (the Travel Arrangements) are coordinated procurements established by the Department of Finance (Finance) and, in accordance with Section 4.10 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules - 1 July 2014, are mandatory for all Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities (NCEs) subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 External site (PGPA Act).  Corporate Commonwealth Entities (CCEs) can opt in to the Arrangements with the agreement of Finance. 

The Arrangements enable aggregation of government purchasing power to obtain better pricing and value for money outcomes, and reduce the administrative cost of procurement activities for entities and suppliers.  The Arrangements are also designed to promote simplicity and efficiency for official travel.

The Arrangements encompass; domestic and international air services; travel management services, accommodation program management services, travel and card related services and car rental services. Entities must book all domestic air travel, domestic ground travel and all international travel originating in Australia through their appointed TMC.

Entities must book all domestic air travel, domestic ground travel and all international travel originating in Australia through the Australian Government’s sole Travel Management Company (TMC), QBT Pty Limited (QBT). Entities may book accommodation and car rental requirements with QBT or directly with the respective suppliers. Booking all aspects of travel through QBT enables entities to review expenditure through a single source of reporting.

For further information regarding the Travel Arrangements please contact woagtravel@finance.gov.au or (02) 6215 2447.


Objectives of the Travel Arrangements

The Australian Government’s objectives of the Travel Arrangements are to:

  • reduce the cost of supply of travel services to entities;
  • continue to meet the business needs of entities;
  • contribute to a competitive and viable travel industry;
  • result in fair, equitable and transparent process; and
  • optimise government savings through cost reductions, improved efficiencies and promotion of behavioural change.

Mandatory elements of the Travel Arrangements

The mandatory elements of the Travel Arrangements are:

  • booking of all domestic and international flights originating in Australia through the QBT;
  • payment of flights, domestic accommodation and car rental through a Diners Club account (Corporate Travel Service Account or Diners Club card-in-hand);
  • booking of all domestic accommodation through the AOT Group, - through the QBT or directly with the AOT Group (except in the instances where an entity pays its travellers an allowance for accommodation ; and
  • booking of all domestic Vehicle Rental Services through Hertz - (either through QBT or directly with Hertz) which commenced from September 2018. Entities will transiton from the Thrifty and Europcar arrangement to the new arrangement with Hertz in a staged fashion. From 31 December 2018, Hertz will be the sole provider of Vehicle Rental Services to the Australian Government.

Optional services available through the Travel Arrangements

The following services are optional elements of the Travel Arrangements:

  • a ‘companion’ MasterCard (available through the Diners Club arrangement), at the discretion of entities, for the payment of meals, incidentals and general purchasing;
  • an Expense Management System (available through the Diners Club arrangement); and
  • hotel-based venue hire (available through the AOT arrangement).
  • QBT offers a range of optional services. Please contact Finance for further information.

How do Corporate Commonwealth Entities join the Travel Arrangements

Corporate Commonwealth Entities (CCEs) may elect to participate in the Travel Arrangements with the prior agreement of Finance. CCEs must engage QBT as their travel management company to facilitate access to the Australian Government’s discounted airfares.

Correspondingly CCEs must have engaged QBT prior to being granted access to the accommodation, travel card and car rental arrangements.

If CCEs elect to participate in the Travel Arrangements, all services must be used.

Should a CCE wish to join the WoAG Travel Arrangements, please contact WoAG Travel at the Department of Finance on 02 6215 2447 or at woagtravel@finance.gov.au 

Please note: CCEs are encouraged to use an Online Booking Tool (OBT) as this can reduce the booking process time and booking fees compared to a consultant assisted booking.

Please contact woagtravel@finance.gov.au for assistance and advice.

Last updated: 30 October 2018