Frequently Asked Questions - Travel and Related Card Services

Frequently Asked Questions - Travel and Related Card Services

Q1. What happens if a staff member inadvertently uses the corporate travel card for personal expenses?

A1. Misuse of credit cards in agencies (inadvertently or otherwise) is handled in accordance with each entity's operational guidelines and internal policies for card use.

Q2. How do I dispute a transaction?

A2. There is a different dispute process for disputing transactions made through the contracted WoAG travel service providers (AOT, Europcar, Thrifty and QBT) than for transactions made through other merchants. This is because contracted suppliers provide Diners Club with a daily electronic transaction file and Diners Club considers these to be valid transactions. In cases where a transaction from a contracted travel service provider is considered to be incorrect, in the first instance, the dispute should be taken up with the travel service provider's call centre. If it is not able to be resolved then it should be referred to the entity's account manager who should take it up with the travel service provider's relationship manager.

If disputing transactions made through other suppliers and merchants, that is "non-travel" service providers, then disputes should be referred to the Diners Club Premium Service Team. Where Diners Club determines, on reasonable grounds, that your claim is a legitimate claim, Diners Club will immediately credit the account until such time as the charge back claim is determined. Should the charge back claim prove to be valid, then Diners Club will convert the temporary credit in your account to a permanent credit.


  1. in the case of a disputed transaction on a Diners Club branded card or Corporate Travel System (CTS) Account, where Diners Club proves, on reasonable grounds, that the charge back claim is not a valid claim; or
  2. in the case of a disputed MasterCard disputed transaction, the charge back is deemed invalid according to the MasterCard scheme rules.

Diners Club will reverse the temporary credit and charge the relevant account.

If Diners Club determines your claim not to be legitimate and you disagree you should refer it to the contact within your agency who manages the Diners Club relationship. They will take it up with your entity's Diners Club Relationship Manager for further review.

Q3. How long do we have to pay the Diners Club account?

A3. You are required to pay your account with Diners Club within seven days of receiving the monthly Statement of Account from Diners Club. This is set out in the Resource Management Guide 418 Payment Terms for Australian Government Travel Arrangements - Card Services.

Q4. What if the Diners Club account is not paid in 7 days?

A4. If an entity's is late in paying its monthly Diners Club card account, it will be charged 3% of the account balance. If the original amount is not paid at the expiry of a further month, another 3% will apply, and that will continue until the original amount is paid. If the debt is outstanding for more than (approximately) 60 days (90 days from the date of the earliest transaction), then the entity will have breached the PGPA Act. Subject to prior discussion and agreement with Finance, the account may also be frozen by Diners Club, stopping new charges until payment is made.

Q5. Do I have to use Diners Club to pay for international flights?

A5. You must use a Diners Club account, Corporate Travel Service Account or Diners Club card-in-hand) to pay for international flights when they are booked through QBT. Refer to the link to the Airline and Travel Management Company FAQs.

Q6. Can I use the MasterCard ‘companion' card supplied by Diners Club to pay for airfares, accommodation or car rentals under the Phase 2 arrangements?

A6. No. Entities must use a Diners Club account (Corporate Travel Service Account or Diners Club card-in-hand) to pay for domestic and international airfares, travel management company fees, domestic accommodation and domestic car rentals. The Arrangements have been setup with the intention that travel suppliers only accept payment on the Diners Card, to allow for enhanced reporting of government travel and to provide GST compliant travel data.

Entities have the discretion to use the MasterCard ‘companion' card to pay for meals and incidentals, as well as general purchasing.

Last updated: 04 October 2016