Transitioning to new procurement guidance material

Old guidance materialReplacement guide
Commonwealth Procurement Rules No change
Financial management guides
FMG No. 3 Guidance on Confidentiality In Procurement, July 2007 Confidentiality throughout the Procurement Cycle
Additional Reporting on Confidentiality
FMG No. 8 Listing of Contract Details on the Internet Meeting the Senate Order on Departmental and Agency Contracts
FMG No. 10 Guidance on Complying with Legislation and Government Policy in Procurement, January 2005 Procurement Connected Policies
FMG No. 13 Guidance on the Mandatory Procurement Procedures, January 2005 Procurement Process Considerations
FMG No. 14 Guidance on Ethics and Probity in Government Procurement, January 2005

Ethics & Probity in Procurement

FMG No. 15 Guidance on Procurement Publishing Obligations, July 2007 Annual Procurement Plans
Notification of Approaches to the Market
Contracts and Agency Agreements
Additional Reporting on Consultancies
Additional Reporting on Confidentiality
Good Procurement Practice
Chief Executive´s Instructions and Operational Guidelines for Procurement removed
Preparing and Maintaining an Annual Procurement Plan Annual Procurement Plans
Cooperative Agency Procurement Cooperative Agency Procurement
Establishing and Using Panels Panel Arrangements and Multi-Use Lists
Establishing and Using Multi-Use Lists
Providing Feedback and Handling Complaints Handling Complaints
Providing Feedback
Assessing the Viability of Tenderers Assessing Financial Viability
New guidance material
  Are you New to Procurement?
  Are you developing Procurement Connected Policies?
  Incorporating Sustainability
  Exemption from Mandatory Procurement Procedures
  Evaluating Options in Procurement Contracts and Panel Arrangements
  Transparency in Australian Government Procurement
Finance circulars Resource management guides
Guides under review
Improving Value for Money in Media Monitoring Services  

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