1. The examples of consulting services and general contracting services below are not prescriptive and should be considered in the context of individual entity policies.
Examples of consulting servicesExamples of general contracting services
Type of projectType of assignment
  • investigating an issue or problem
  • diagnosing a problem
  • undertaking defined research
  • design, analysis and reporting of formal market research studies
  • carrying out an independent review
  • business process analysis, design and other advice
  • undertaking independent evaluations
  • evaluation of programme performance and recommendations regarding changes
  • providing independent advice
  • providing independent information
  • developing advertising and marketing campaigns
  • providing advice on training needs and developing training plans
  • legal services, such as: - general legal advice (not related to litigation or potential litigation or given incidentally in connection with the development of contracts or other legal documents); - advice on the application of legislation and on development of new legislation; and - legal audit, probity and process advice, in relation to contracting out or tendering
  • reviews of, and the provision of advice on, occupational health and safety matters
  • provision of internal audit services
  • probity adviser/audit services
  • undertaking risk assessments
  • analysis of technology needs and development of software and hardware specifications
  • change facilitation advice
  • undertaking business and property valuations
  • development of a framework for benchmarking
  • individuals undertaking operational work within the entity under temporary external labour hire arrangements
  • conducting a recruitment activity
  • provision of travel services, including travel booking
  • provision of communications services, eg telephones
  • provision of information technology support services
  • development of software in line with already developed specifications
  • printing and copying services
  • scribe services
  • provision of cleaning and waste removal services
  • indoor plant maintenance services
  • provision of security services
  • delivery of training
  • writing of manuals and guidance materials covering existing processes
  • legal services, such as:
    • conveyancing;
    • development of contracts or other legal documents (and any incidental advice given relating to such work);
    • litigation services (including any drafting or advice connected with litigation or potential litigation); and
    • drafting of legislation and legislative instruments
  • data processing
  • project management
  • interpreter services
  1. The process for identifying consultancies for AusTender reporting purposes is outlined below.

AusTender reporting process

Last updated: 14 August 2014