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User Notes

The User Notes provide clearly written explanatory material, to assist non-expert staff to understand the model contracts, and identify situations where the contracts may not be applicable without some change.

The User Notes contain an explanation of the purpose for each contract template and each clause of the (a) Licence and Support – Commercial off-the-shelf Software Contract, (b) Licence (only) – Commercial off-the-shelf Software Contract, (c) Hardware Acquisition and Maintenance Contract and (d) IT Consultancy Services Contract, hints for their use and a description of the risks and issues with each clause.

The User Notes are divided into the following three components:

  • Four sections (one for each Contract template) explaining the clauses specific to each Contract template;
  • A section providing guidance on the 'general requirements' common to all Contract templates; and
  • Three sections, one for each Contract template, except for the SourceIT Licence (only) Contract for Commercial off-the-shelf Software. Each section provides guidance on the Schedules contained in the relevant Contract template.

Note: Right click on the document you wish to download and select ‘Save Target As’ then select a location to save the documents to and click OK.

Downloadable User Notes

  Procurement Category
Subject matter Hardware Software (licence and support) IT Consultancy Software (licence only)
Specific Clauses [pdf icon295 KB] [pdf icon275 KB] [pdf icon 251 KB] [pdf icon320 KB]
General Requirements [pdf icon139 KB] N/A*
Schedules [pdf icon 196 KB] [pdf icon227 KB] [pdf icon 188 KB] N/A*

* Covered by the user notes for specific clauses of the software licence (only) contract.

If you have any feedback on the draft user notes, please contact the Helpline. Your comments will be considered for inclusion in the next release of the suite of contracts.

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Last updated: 15 May 2017