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Before proceeding, users of this Contract should have regard to the following assumptions:

  1. This Contract relates to the provision of hardware and hardware maintenance services. It is not intended to be used for the supply of:
    1. equipment other than hardware (for example, major office machines);
    2. software;
    3. services other than hardware maintenance services or services related to the supply of hardware; or
    4. complex or multifaceted hardware supply or maintenance arrangements.
  2. This Contract is not a deed of standing offer and, as a result, is not suitable for panel arrangements or as an arrangement facilitating the supply of hardware or maintenance services from specified providers on an ad hoc basis.
  3. This Contract does not apply to the acquisition of hardware by leasing arrangement and should only be used where hardware will be purchased.
  4. This Contract assumes contracting between a Commonwealth Agency and one service provider, in contrast to multiple contractors. The terms and suitability of the Contract will need to be carefully considered if arrangements are to involve more than one contractor. Advice should be sought in such circumstances.
  5. The Contract assumes contracting between a Commonwealth Agency and a non-government service provider. Some of the provisions of the document may not be appropriate to an arrangement between two or more non-government entities or between two or more Commonwealth Agencies. Advice should be sought in these circumstances.
  6. Except where specifically provided, the Agreed Terms are not intended to accommodate variations and are not designed for alteration. Where appropriate, provision is made in Schedule 1 (Contract Details) for variables to be inserted and in some cases, limited departure from the Agreed Terms is accommodated. Users should ensure that relevant variables are included in the Contract Details, where required.
  7. The clauses in this document relating to confidentiality, audit and privacy are publicly available clauses recommended for use by the Department of Finance and Deregulation, the Australian National Audit Office and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner respectively.
  8. It is strongly recommended that users of this document refer to the accompanying User Notes for further instruction.

Version 1 – May 2006
SourceIT Hardware Contract 1.0 Word Version [RTF Document 780 KB]
SourceIT Hardware Contract 1.0 RTF Version [RTF Document 1.4 MB]

Version 2 – May 2007
SourceIT Hardware Contract Version 2.0 RTF [RTF Document 2.4 MB]
SourceIT Hardware Contract Version 2.0 PDF [PDF Document 419 KB]

Version 2.1– October 2009
SourceIT Hardware Contract Version 2.1 RTF [RTF Document 2.4 MB]
SourceIT Hardware Contract Version 2.1 PDF [PDF Document 419 KB]

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