Parliamentary Work Expenses

The Department of Finance administers the majority of work expenses provided to current and former Parliamentarians and their employees.

Parliamentary Work Expenses Framework

Parliamentarians and their employees are eligible to claim work expenses under a framework of legislation, legislative instruments and a series of procedural rules, guidelines, determinations, administrative procedures and authorisations made by successive responsible Ministers.

Senators and Members’ work expenses:

Employees work expenses:

Summaries and Handbooks

Summaries and handbooks are available on the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services website and provide information to Parliamentarians on the work expenses framework.

Former Parliamentarians’ Travel

Former Senators and Members are eligible for post retirement or Life Gold Pass travel depending on when they entered or retired from the Parliament and the length of their service in the Parliament. Note: the Government has prepared legislation to reform, reduce and in many cases remove Life Gold Pass travel.


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Last updated: 17 January 2018