Terms of Reference for a Review of the Parliamentary Entitlements Framework

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The review will provide advice and recommendations to Government addressing issues
such as:

  • developing a single principles-based legislative basis that authorises the
    provision of specified entitlements, identifies who is eligible to access these
    entitlements and in what circumstances, and the purposes for which these
    entitlements may be used;
  • recommending framework changes that remove instances of overlap,
    duplication, inconsistency and gaps in the provision of entitlements;
  • defining, in regulations and/or legislative instruments, key terms and the scope
    and any limits on entitlements use;
  • improving transparency in the use of taxpayer-funded parliamentary
  • enabling accountability processes to be mandated; and
  • recommending possible improvements to the protocol for handling allegations of
    misuse of entitlements.

In formulating advice and recommendations, the review should have regard to:

  • the development of a new simplified framework;
  • appropriate use of entitlements during election campaigns;
  • the inter relationship with the Members of Parliament (Staff Act) 1984
    employment framework;
  • entitlements provided at Parliament House;
  • remuneration and allowances (including the current electorate allowance);
  • private-plated vehicles;
  • overseas study travel;
  • entitlements to Life Gold Pass and severance travel;
  • entitlements of former Prime Ministers (including a head of authority to provide
    any entitlements), Governors-General and former Parliamentarians;
  • production of postal vote applications under the printing entitlement; and
  • other matters considered relevant to the review.

The Review is to report to Government within six months of commencement.

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Last updated: 18 October 2013