Parliamentary Services

The Department of Finance's third outcome – Support for Parliamentarians, others with entitlements and organisations as approved by Government through the delivery of entitlements and targeted assistance – encompasses services to Senators, Members of Parliament and their staff.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services

Services to Senators, Members and their staff

This output provides a range of support services for current and former Parliamentarians and their respective employees under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 (MOP(S) Act), including:

  • advice on entitlements to Senators, Members, Office-holders and their respective employees and the Minister;
  • personnel services including recruitment, payroll, staff training and a range of human resource services;
  • travel allowance and transport services for current and former Parliamentarians and their respective dependents and MOP(S) Act employees;
  • electorate office accommodation, Information Technology & Telecommunications services and support and other facilities for Parliamentarians, including certain photographic services in Parliament House;
  • management of Ministerial accommodation in Parliament House and the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in each State capital;
  • entitlement processing and reporting for all Parliamentarians and their staff; and
  • a range of travel and transport entitlements and services for Senators, Members and other Office-holders, including:
    • car-with-driver services for parliamentarians and other VIPs; and
    • a transport and luggage service for guests of the Australian Government..

As well, this output provides secretariat support for the Australian Political Exchange Council.


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Last updated: 09 December 2013