Commonwealth Library Deposit and Free Issue Schemes (LDS)

As of 1 July 2015, the Library Deposit Scheme is now the responsibility of the Digital Transformation Office

Purpose of the LDS

The combined Commonwealth Library Deposit and Free Issue Schemes (referred to as the LDS) enhances public access to Australian Government publications.

Under the LDS Australian Government departments and agencies are required to provide one copy of each publication that they publish to each participating deposit library. Deposit libraries (below) comprise the National Library of Australia, State Libraries and publicly funded universities identified under the Higher Education Funding Act 1988.

The LDS supplements legal deposit, a statutory requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 and equivalent State legislation, administered by the National Library of Australia and State reference libraries respectively. Please note that by complying with the LDS, publishing agencies also meet their legal deposit requirements.

Complying with the scheme

Providing library material for distribution through the LDS is the sole responsibility of the Australian Government publisher or author agency, and as such should be considered when seeking publications related funding.

Please note that publications 'Under Embargo' cannot be accepted for distribution to deposit libraries.

Publication distribution

Please note current number of copies required has recently changed (March 2016).

To comply with the LDS, the publishing Department or agency may choose to either:

  • Arrange for 27 copies to be distributed directly to the deposit libraries at the following addresses:

If this distribution option is chosen, please advise the LDS Administrator; or

  • Utilise AGIMO's LDS Distribution Service and dispatch 27 copies, together with a completed notification of publication form to the LDS Service Provider, Decipha Pty Ltd.

Via Post: 
Library Deposit Scheme Distribution Service 
C/ Decipha Pty Ltd 
Locked Bag 7760 
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610 

Via courier: 
Library Deposit Scheme Distribution Service 
C/ Decipha Pty Ltd 
Level 1, Canberra GPO 
53 – 73 Alinga Street 
(Deliveries to enter Australia Post loading dock from Rudd Street) 

On delivery please call Decipha staff on (02) 6129 3000

Deposit Libraries

Links to the external websites of participating libraries in the Library Deposit and Free Issue Schemes
Deposit LibrariesFree Issue Libraries*
National Library of Australia
State Library of New South Wales 
Northern Territory Library 
State Library of Queensland
State Library of South Australia 
State Library of Tasmania 
State Library of Victoria 
State Library of Western Australia
Charles Darwin University 
Edith Cowan University 
Flinders University 
Griffith University 
James Cook University 
La Trobe University 
Macquarie University 
Murdoch University 
University of Adelaide 
University of Newcastle 
University of Queensland
University of South Australia 
University of Southern Queensland 
University of Sydney 
University of Tasmania
University of Western Sydney 
University of Wollongong 
Victoria University

*Multicampus universities receive one free issue set only. Location of the set is at the discretion of the university.

Claiming Publications

Deposit libraries can only claim verified publications. For guidance, refer to the LDS Claim Guidelines [PDF Document - 45 KB].

Once verified, claims should be sent, together with a copy of the completed verification checklist, to Decipha Pty Ltd:

Attn: Library Deposit Scheme Distribution Service 
C/ Decipha Pty Ltd 
Locked Bag 7760 
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610

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Last updated: 05 February 2018