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Notification for Publication of Preliminary Documentation under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Open for Public Consultation

The Commonwealth Department of Finance (Finance) is proposing to clear Blocks 3 and 15, Section 22 Barton, ACT of all vegetation in preparation for the land to be sold for a mixed development opportunity.

This proposal has been determined to be a ‘controlled action’ (EPBC 2017/8028) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).  The controlling provisions under the EPBC Act are ‘listed threatened species and communities’ (section 18 and section 18A) and ‘Commonwealth action’ (section 28).

The Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy has advised this proposal will be assessed by preliminary documentation.  This notice is published in accordance with Section 95A(3) of the EPBC Act.

The Preliminary Documentation describes the impact and proposed offset measures for threatened species, communities and Commonwealth action, and is on display for public comment from Saturday 4 August 2018, at the following locations:

  • Gungahlin Public Library
  • Civic Public Library
  • Woden Public Library
  • Tuggeranong Public Library

All comments on the Preliminary Documentation must be in writing and received by 5pm, Friday 17 August 2018, either by email to or post to:

National Divestment
Department of Finance
One Canberra Avenue

If you require the services of an interpreter, please contact the Translator or Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask them to call Finance (02) 6215 2780. The interpreter will then assist you with translation.  If you are vision impaired, please visit the Finance website, where a web content accessible version of the document is available.

Last updated: 06 August 2018