Future Fund

Legislation and Related Documents

Future Fund Act 2006

March 2010

Investment Mandate

The Future Fund Investment Mandate Directions 2006 provide the Government’s broad expectations for how the Fund will be invested and managed.

May 2006

Nominated Minister

The Future Fund (Nominated Minister) Determination 2006 nominates the Minister for Finance and Deregulation (formerly the Minister for Finance and Administration) as the Minister responsible under the Act for approving certain matters, requesting various reports or information from the Board or causing relevant information to be published.

June 2006

Designated Actuary

The Designated Actuary Determination 2008 determines the Designated Actuary responsible for setting the target asset levels for the Future Fund.

August 2008

Target Asset Levels

The Designated Actuary’s Target Asset Level Declaration specifies the target asset levels for the Future Fund for the 2009-10 through to 2013-14 financial years. The target asset levels will be used to inform Government decisions about transfers to and draw downs from the Future Fund.

March 2010

Future Fund Ministerial Direction 2007 (Escrow Direction)

The Future Fund Ministerial Direction 2007 provides that the Board must not dispose of any Telstra shares during the period from and including the date that the Telstra 3 Instalment Receipts are first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange to and including the date 2 years after that date. The Future Fund Ministerial Direction 2007 also provides for some limited exceptions to the two year lock-up period.

February 2007

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