Government Enterprise Resource Planning (GovERP) is a common whole-of-government ERP system. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system comprises a number of essential corporate capabilities to deliver services, including: financial services, human resource services, procurement services and reporting.

The core of GovERP will be based on the contemporary SAP S/4 HANA technology, and will also include contemporary solutions (implemented in a phased approach) to supplement core systems capabilities. When GovERP is implemented alongside the existing TechnologyOne/Aurion ERP capability, the APS can operate on a shared-services model with highly standardised corporate and financial services.  

Delivery Schedule

The GovERP capability is currently in the preparation and planning phase. In this phase, there is a focus on engaging with key stakeholders to confirm the approach.

In order to ensure a user-friendly platform that addresses business needs, consultation and co-design is a key pillar of shared services continued development. Working together across the APS is vital to meeting this aim. The team is currently in the process of establishing key cross-government committees and secondees from across the APS.

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