The Shared Services Transformation Initiative

We are bringing together corporate services across the APS to help boost our ability to deliver public service.

Shared service models help governments and organisations drive productivity increases by reducing system duplication, enabling improved data collation and providing consistent customer experiences.

Our approach to modernising and streamlining our technology and business processes across the Australian Public Service (APS) will be delivered through the Shared Services Transformation Initiative (the initiative).

The journey to corporate shared services started with the Shared Services Program in 2015. The Shared Services Transformation Initiative is a whole of Government approach and part of the Government’s vision for a smarter, more productive and more sustainable public sector.

The initiative, stewarded by the Department of Finance (Finance), is an APS-wide program for the provision of common services through the Provider (hubs) and the transition of agencies into these hubs.

Why is this important?

The Shared Services Transformation Initiative is part of the Government’s vision for a smarter, more productive and more sustainable public sector. The initiative will dramatically transform the way the public service operates by reforming and standardising traditional operating models.

The initiative aims to ensure the APS is better positioned to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and tight fiscal circumstances.

With the challenges we are facing in 2020 (including the bushfires and COVID-19), productivity and efficiency are more important than ever. In particular, COVID-19 has changed the way Australians work, putting mobility, collaboration and data at the centre of discussions within the public service. The initiative highlights the need for technologies that support these vitally important government priorities.

Benefits of a shared services model

Through simplifying and standardising processes, shared corporate services will support APS staff to use their time and skills on priority work—creating the opportunity for a more dynamic APS workplace environment. Shared corporate services makes administrative tasks easier, it’s a highly standardised ‘one way’ of undertaking repetitive, high-volume tasks. Automating these tasks will improve the speed and quality of outputs — meaning fewer errors and less rework.

Shared corporate services will lead to better outcomes by freeing up APS staff to focus on their agency’s core business. It is vital that the APS can focus on key priorities whilst feeling confident that they can depend on shared services to deliver essential corporate services. Shared services is also expected to be an important cost-saving measure for the government.

Shared services aligns with the Australian Government’s response to the Independent Review into the APS, which recommended that the APS adopt common enabling tools and services to support efficiency, mobility and collaboration across the public sector. Shared services will produce a range of people, process and financial benefits through the establishment of common ways of working in pursuit of the one-APS vision.

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