Occupancy Report

The Government’s occupational density target of 14 m2 of usable office area per occupied work-point has been in place since 2013. All new leases are expected to meet the occupational density target. Entities consider the occupational density target when undertaking planning and throughout the property management lifecycle, including when negotiating new leases, considering a major fit-out, refurbishment of existing office space, or to determine if surplus office space or work-points could be sub-leased.

The Australian Government Office Occupancy Report 2022 sets out the occupational density for entities against the current target of 14m2 of office space per occupied work point and provides Whole-of-Australian-Government analysis of other key useful information for Commonwealth property.

The Occupancy Report includes office accommodation that is leased or owned by non-corporate Commonwealth entities (entities) with at least 500 m2 of usable office area as at 30 June 2022.

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