Heritage Management Plans

Heritage Management Plans developed by Department of Finance - Invitation for public comment

The Commonwealth Department of Finance (Finance) has prepared draft Heritage Management Plans for places on the Commonwealth Heritage List including:

Heritage Management Plans
Edward Braddon Commonwealth Law Courts, TAS
John Gorton Building & Communications Centre, ACT
Customs Marine Depot, NSW
Commonwealth Offices, 4 Treasury Place, VIC

Under paragraph 341S(6)(b) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999,  Finance invites comment on the draft Heritage Management Plans from members of the public, Indigenous people with rights and interest in the place, key stakeholders and community groups.

Hard copies can also be made available upon request (please email propertypcmt@finance.gov.au).


The closing date for public comment is 5.00pm AEDT, on Friday 13 January 2023.

How to submit comment

Comments should be forwarded to:
Portfolio and Contract Management Team
Department of Finance
One Canberra Ave
Email:  propertypcmt@finance.gov.au


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