Barton Development Site

The Commonwealth Department of Finance cleared Block 3 Section 22 Barton, ACT of all vegetation in preparation for the land to be sold for a mixed development opportunity.

This action was subject to a referral application approved by the Department of the Environment and Energy (EPBC 2017/8028 refers) on 21 February 2019, which stipulates several conditions.

Golden Sun Moth Archival Record

Pursuant to condition 6 the Department of Finance engaged environmental consultants Umwelt Australia to undertake an archival record of Golden Sun Moth (GSM) research undertaken at the site, and a scientific review of this research.

Golden Sun Moth Research Plan

Pursuant to condition 7 the Department of Finance has engaged the ACT Government’s Parks and Conservation Service to prepare and implement a Golden Sun Moth (GSM) Research Plan.

The GSM Research Plan intends to bridge gaps in scientific understanding of active restoration of natural temperate grasslands, a habitat of GSM. The research plan involves two components:

  • factors influencing local scale habitat use; and
  • experimental restoration of Chilean Needle Grass dominated grassland.

The GSM Research Plan addresses five research priorities identified in the Conservation Advice for Synemon plana.

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