Major Office Machines


The Department of Finance administers the Major Office Machines Panel (MOMS II Panel). The Arrangement consists of four panellists who provide devices, support/maintenance, consumables and additional optional products, at competitive purchase, lease and maintenance pricing.

  • Use of the MOMs II Panel is mandatory for non-corporate Commonwealth entities.
  • Corporate Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies may opt in to use the MOMs II Panel.

Note: Office paper is not purchased via the MOMs II Panel, but via the Whole of Government Stationery and Office Supplies Panel.

Joining the Arrangement

  • All organisations seeking to access the MOMs II Panel should contact the MOMs Team in the first instance.


  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Pty Ltd
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd

Major Office Machines Panel (MOMs I Panel)

  • The initial MOMs I Panel ceased on 30 November 2016, however, contract orders for impression, maintenance, leases and other support arrangements continue to operate until their nominated expiry dates.
  • Information about the MOMs I Panel is available from the MOMs GovTEAMS Community or by contacting the MOMs Team.


The Australian Government spends in excess of $50 million per annum on its office printing. To minimise printing expenditure, the Major Office Machines Contract Administration Team has created the Better Printing Guide and Poster to further raise awareness of the financial and environmental costs of printing. Black and white impressions cost approximately 10 times less than colour impressions and, when combined with double sided printing, can reduce costs significantly. A small change in your black and white to colour print ratio will lead to big savings.

The guide provides tips on how to reduce impression counts, manage colour to monochrome impression ratios and increase double-sided printing – which will minimise printing related expenditure.

When did the MOMs II Panel commence?

The Department of Finance established the MOMs II Panel on 1 December 2016. For more information see the media release.

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