Phase B - Sourcing

The Digital Records Transformation Initiative Sourcing Strategy Framework has two main phases:

instruments made under the PGPA Act:

The Sourcing Strategy incorporated a workshop with a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) designed to understand common information management problems and articulate a path to addressing these, through an Approach to Market, or other means. Vendors were then asked to detail how they would be able to resolve these problems in their responses.   

Responses were assessed against the evaluation criteria set out in the approach to market documentation. The successful applicants were invited to participate in a Proof of Concept.

Proof of Concept

Proofs of Concept generally ran for no more than four days, with one day allocated to each vendor. In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Proofs of Concept that the Initiative facilitated in 2020:

  • were conducted virtually; and

  • potential vendors provided the online workshop environment to demonstrate how their records management solution will meet the Customer’s requirements – all entity users were provided with individual access to the vendor’s environment.

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