Phase B. Sourcing

The Digital Records Transformation Initiative Sourcing Strategy Framework has three main phases, Phase A. Problem Definition; Phase B. Sourcing and Phase C. Retrospective.

The Sourcing phase allows entities to choose the most effective procurement option. The 3 options are:

  1. Lean-Agile Procurement
  2. Standard Procurement
  3. No Procurement.

Lean Agile Procurement 

Lean agile procurement is undertaken where an entity has identified and articulated complex records management problems that require modernised solutions when procurement is addressing an emerging problem that has no well-understood solution. The process is undertaken in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Framework and does not replace any requirements.

Some of the key steps of LEAP process are outlined below.

Lean Procurement Canvas for Government workshop 

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is brought together with a skilled LEAP facilitator to run through the Lean Procurement Canvas for Government. This canvas, adapted for the Australian Government context, is a tool to facilitate the conversation between the MDT to assist with information required for an approach to market.

At the completion of the Workshop, the MDT will have completed the buying entity side of the canvas and have made enough decisions to have significantly decreased the amount of elapsed time to write, discuss and gain approval for the approach to market documentation to be released on AusTender as an Open Tender. 

Evaluation Criteria

Responses will be assessed against the evaluation criteria set out in the approach to market documentation. The successful applicants will be invited to participate in a dynamic four-day process to develop a Proof of Concept.

Proof of Concept

We anticipate that a Proof of Concept will run for no more than four days. This duration may vary depending on the size and complexity of the problem statement/s and proposed solutions, and the amount of participants. Ideally the Proof of Concept would include installation and configuration of the vendor’s solution on the buying entity’s infrastructure. However, in response to the COVID-19 situation, short-listed potential suppliers will most likely:

  • engage in virtual Proof of Concept (POC) workshop; and
  • be requested to provide the online workshop environment to demonstrate how their records management solution will meet the Customer’s requirements.

Standard procurement

For products and outcomes already in the market with known capabilities or where the entity has understood through the problem definition phase that their existing tool/s meet the business needs and requires renewal. The entity undertakes its own process in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Framework.

No procurement 

Where the entity has understood its problem in such a way that existing tools, processes, and outcomes can be developed in-house - no procurement is required. 

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