Building Risk Management Capability



Comcover is very pleased to announce that we are enhancing our education program.

This will mean delivering new opportunities for you and your colleagues.

Comcover Fund Members will benefit, by better targeting of the education program to the new and emerging risks challenging Commonwealth entities today.

Enhancing Comcover’s education program will see new risk management topics, delivered in different ways such as short, sharp micro bites and new opportunities for you to connect with your risk management colleagues – to hear from them about their challenges and solutions - and to share your insights too.

While enhancing the Comcover education program will introduce new ways for you to develop your risk management capabilities, Comcover’s Education Program will continue to:

  • Deliver the four capability pathways foundation, generalist, specialist and senior executive , and
  • Utilise blended learning approaches to build your capabilities.

The next face-to-face workshops are:

  • Specialist: Embedding risk management into your entity’s DNA
  • Senior executive: Leading a strategic approach to risk management
  • Generalist: Practical risk management

Visit the Comcover Learning Centre for more information and book yourself in.

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