Digital Records Transformation Initiative – Sourcing Strategy

If you are an entity and would like to assist the team by completing a Lean Canvas for Government, please email to arrange a time for the team to guide you through the process. In particular, we would be keen to hear from entities who are looking to solve records management issues. We would welcome your feedback, which will assist us refine this proposed tool and develop robust guidance.

Draft Digital Records Transformation Initiative (DRTI) Sourcing Strategy Framework

The draft Digital Records Transformation Initiative (DRTI) Sourcing Strategy Framework  [PDF document522 KB]  has three main components, Phase A. Problem DefinitionPhase B. Sourcing; and Phase C. Retrospective. As the DRTI Sourcing Strategy project is currently in the Beta phase of co-design, the framework will continue to be tested and refined.

Phase A. Problem Definition

An Australian Government entity identifies a records management problem and a multi-disciplinary procurement team completes a Lean Canvas for Government to articulate and communicate the problem.

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Phase B. Sourcing

Following the problem definition stage, there are three potential sourcing paths that may be taken:

1. Lean Agile Procurement (LEAP) – For complex or emerging problems that have no well-understood solution.

2. Standard procurement – Where the solution required is readily available and well understood.

3. No procurement required – The problem can be solved using the entity’s existing technology or without technology.

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Phase C. Retrospective

Government entities and vendors should review the process to improve future outcomes and efficiency. This includes looking at the value of activities and providing feedback to improve future practices.

Reviews are undertaken in the form of ‘retrospectives’, which are an open, collaborative and efficient approach to reflect on the process and identify actions for improvement going forward.

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As outlined in the DRTI – Sourcing Strategy Discussion Paper [PDF document114 KB], the Department of Finance intends to establish a Whole-of-Government arrangement for entities to procure technology that supports modernised records management capabilities.

The DRTI – Sourcing Strategy Discussion Paper [PDF document114 KB] was released for comment in November 2018. The Discussion Paper was not a formal approach to market, instead, Finance sought the views of the private sector and Commonwealth entities to determine the most effective and efficient way to source modernised digital records solutions. In particular, Finance sought feedback on:

  1. the use of a co-design approach with industry and entities to determine the most appropriate sourcing arrangements and a statement of requirements; and
  2. whether the capability maturity approach is a useful way to pursue modernisation of Australian Government records management.

Finance received twenty-nine responses from various stakeholders. The co-design process proposed in the Digital Records Transformation Discussion Paper: Findings and Next Steps [PDF document113 KB] is now underway.

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Last updated: 19 July 2019