Risk Management

A key function of Comcover is to assist entities to build their capability to manage risk across the Australian Government. Comcover aims to enable entities to obtain the knowledge, skills and expertise that will assist them to successfully implement and integrate risk management within their organisations.

The Commonwealth Risk Management Policy

The Commonwealth Risk Management Policy was released on 1 July 2014. This policy supports the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), which requires accountable authorities of entities to establish and maintain appropriate systems and internal controls for the oversight and management of risk.

Comcover Training

A key way to increase risk awareness in the Australian Government is through effective risk management training. Comcover provides a comprehensive risk management training program which includes face‑to‑face training courses, online learning and an executive professional development program.

Awards for Excellence

Comcover supports the achievement of greater transparency and accountability in the Australian Government's management of risks. In addition to the educative role Comcover plays, Comcover also presents Awards for Excellence in Risk Management to entities to recognise public sector leadership in risk management.

The winning entities of the 2016 Awards for Excellence in Risk Management were announced following the Insurance and Risk Management Conference held on 22 September 2016 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra.

Comcover Risk Management Benchmarking Program

A key part of Comcover’s risk management services is the annual benchmarking program. The program supports the development of improved risk management practices by allowing fund members to assess their risk management capability through the use of a risk maturity model across the nine elements of the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy.

Risk Management Resources

Comcover’s Risk Management Resources have been developed to assist entities to manage risk effectively. It includes better practice guidance, case studies and access to risk management tools and consultancy services. Comcover’s Risk Management Services Team is also available to provide advice and support to entities on risk management issues.

More information

If you would like more information or general assistance with any aspect of the Comcover risk management program, please contact Comcover on 1800 651 540 or email comcover@comcover.com.au.

 For further information please contact comcover@comcover.com.au or 1800 651 540.

Last updated: 22 December 2017