The Comcover Learning Centre

The Comcover Learning Centre is the central entry point to access Comcover's Risk Management and Insurance Education Programme. The Learning Centre provides access to online courses as well as registration for Comcover's face-to-face training and events.

The Learning Centre is a cloud-based learning management system that provides access to a range of integrated risk management learning activities and educational resources. This approach recognises that entities have diverse needs and requirements when building their risk management knowledge and capability.

The Learning Centre has been developed in partnership with Major Training Services and software developer Janison Learning and Assessment Solutions (Janison). Throughout this process Comcover has taken steps to implement feedback that training should be tailored to individual entity needs and easy to access, regardless of location.

The Learning Centre is freely available to all Comcover Fund Members.

Learning Centre services

Face-to-face registrations This is the central point to find information and register for all Comcover face-to-face courses.
Event registration Users can register for Comcover-hosted learning and networking events through the Learning Centre.
Online Learning eLearning courses can be undertaken online through the Learning Centre.
Learning tools A convenient one-stop resource library to access a range of materials about the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy, case studies and better practice guides (under development).
Discussion Forums Knowledge sharing between entities plays an important role in extending risk management capability across the Australian Public Service. Learning Centre discussion forums will encourage entities to raise issues, share perspectives and contribute to solutions (under development).

How to get started

It's easy to access the services available through the Comcover Learning Centre. You can register online by visiting the Comcover Learning Centre

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Last updated: 18 July 2016