Comcover’s Education and Professional Development Program

Comcover has adopted a new 'blended learning' approach to its risk management and insurance education and professional development program. The blended learning approach will be hosted on a cloud-based learning management system—The Comcover Learning CentreExternal link icon. Comcover can also facilitate entities running their own in-house risk management training. Information regarding the Comcover Learning Centre and in-house training is available by accessing the links below.

Comcover is working with Major Training Services and the Australian Public Service Commission to develop its blended learning program. The program aligns with the APSC 70:20:10 learning strategy – 70% on-the-job learning, 20% relationship-based learning, and 10% formal learning. Some of the key features of the program are eLearning, face-to-face training, mentoring, seminars, tools, reference material, and networking.

Comcover targets four levels of desired capability for APS officials:

  • Foundation level: All Commonwealth officials, regardless of level or role, are required to understand basic risk management concepts and how risk is managed in the Commonwealth.
  • Generalist level: Commonwealth officials, regardless of level, whose role requires them to engage with and apply their entity's risk management framework to successfully deliver outcomes. Generalists engage with risk at the activity level and have attained Foundation level capability.
  • Specialist level: Job role specialists who are required to design, implement and embed an entity's risk management framework. Specialists facilitate generalists and executives to fulfil their risk management responsibilities. Specialists have attained Generalist level capability.
  • SES Professional Development Program: Senior Executive Service officials whose role requires them to identify and determine the acceptable levels of risk that are appropriate to their entity's profile, allocate concomitant resources and lead the adoption of risk management policies, strategies and best practices. Executive have attained Generalist level capability.

More information

The program is being developed and released progressively. The Foundation and Executive level pathways are currently available for enrolment. If you would like more information about Comcover's risk management and insurance education program, please contact Comcover on 1800 651 540 or email

Comcover training and event schedule

Comcover runs a program of education events throughout the year. The topics, dates and locations of all planned events are included in the Comcover training and event schedule. The schedule will be updated periodically as additional events are confirmed.

Comcover learning Centre

The Comcover Learning Centre is the central entry point to access Comcover’s Program. The Learning Centre provides access to online courses as well as registration for Comcover’s face-to-face training and events.

Material for entities to run risk training

Comcover provides assistance to entities that wish to run their own internal risk training. Comcover can provide training materials, and facilitate access to education services through the Comcover Member Services contract or the Department of Finance Learning and Development Panel.

Last updated: 24 March 2017